Centerpiece Idea #7

Hey everyone, sorry for the gap in posts! But I should be updating regularly again from now on. I wanted to post another centerpiece idea, and I admit, this one, I am not thrilled with her ideas. Too plain, but it made me imagine what I could do with all of them. Like with the candy in the bowl, have Christmas lights surround it-maybe even place it on a piece of mirror. Or those shells, surround them with tea lights. The possibilities are endless, and I hope this video will get your creative side kicking! Thanks!


Wedding Talk #6

I know, haven’t been on, but just today saw that I finally had a request for another wedding talk, and was on it in the next two seconds. As always, trying to help save you crazy brides some money so I hope this helps some. The theme of this talk is a 50’s themed wedding….oh how it’s time to take a trip back into the past!


So this idea is a fun DIY project you could do with a few pals. Make a stop at a thrift store/vintage store and buy some records and a cake stand/platter it’ll fit into. Get some super glue/hot glue and place the record in/on your platter. Wah-lah! You’re one step closer to a more retro feel. Also fun for guests to look at the records on the platters and be reminded of some old classic hits! Not only does this save you mula on the decoration of your wedding, but if not for platters, records can be used for many other things as well such as part of table centerpieces or if you make a wall collage of them, a fun  backdrop for photos.

50's favors

So at a lot of weddings, sweets is a big thing to provide whether it’s fancy pastries or a candy bar, but for a 50’s themed wedding, an ice-cream bar would fit in so much better and could possibly save you a little pocket money. Just a buy a few flavors (three-four) of ice cream in bulk, sprinkles (as one can will go a long way), and a few other toppings such as whip cream or chocolate chips, and you end up with some happy guests. Of course, if you plan your wedding in the winter, ice-cream isn’t the way to go, but definitely consider it if you are using this theme! I promise you, no one will be disappointed in the theme feel.


When buying/making decorations or planning the look of this type of wedding, do not hold back on polka-dots. Polka-dots are a big part of this theme and you can stretch the use of it into a variety of things such as dress attire, napkins, backdrops, furniture, etc. Also, don’t be afraid of the colors red and white as I’ve noticed while doing my research, those two are the most common colors that pop up with 50’s themed ideas. Lastly, polka-dots and different bright colors give your wedding a vibrant feel that will have your guests smiling the whole time.


So this idea will save money more towards your bridesmaids, but I absolutely love the idea with this theme. For your bridesmaids dresses, go to different vintage stores to pick out what they wear. Not only will they look the part, but it will save them at least $100 on dress expense. Also will give them a little more freedom of choice in what dress they pick out because remember, they keep these dresses even after the wedding is over…who knows, maybe they’ll find one they love so much, they’ll wear again. Feel like it’ll be to chaotic? Go with similar patterns such as all dresses are floral like the picture, or all dresses have to have polka dots. You could even go with all dresses just have to be the same color, either way, they’ll still fit right into the 50’s.


And of course, the transportation….you knew it was coming. Why hire a fancy, expensive limousine when this beauty fits right into your theme? Probably cheaper too. I know, I know, some old cars for rent are still pretty expensive, but there are those in mint condition that will save you a couple hundred, or if you have a close friend/family member that has such a car, doesn’t hurt to ask them! You will be riding in style from and to your wedding!

For Brides to Be: Flouncy ankle length/knee-length dresses, curly hair, and a dab of red lipstick will help you look your part! Or if you find a dress with polka-dot lace…50’s themed wedding, here  you come.

I hope this helped some of you spark some ideas or answered some money dilemmas for you all! I’ll try and post again within the next two week. Thank You Sonya for the suggestion! I love hearing from you all and although it’s late, happy 2014 🙂


So I was looking through my posts and realize I should do another wedding talk post, but wasn’t sure what wedding theme to go with. I would love some of your opinions/ideas as I do try to write posts that will appeal to my audience. If you have a wedding idea you want some ideas for or just to see some pics of it, please comment it down below. So far I’ve done winter themed, vintage tea party themed, farm themed, beach themed, and movie themed weddings. Give me a theme! I’m up for the challenge! Thank You all for being so loyal to this blog even with my bad time gaps. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Dress Suggestion #13

I know, I know, where have I been? Again, my sincere apologies. Now, down to business as I realized it’s been a while since I’ve done a dress suggestion. I thought this dress was absolutely elegant with an old time/classic look to it. Oh, and it’s less than $500.

Dress: Bella Gown

Designer/Brand: Simply Bridal

Where: Simply Bridal

Original Price: $1,943.99

Sale Price: $323.99


80340_02 - Copy 80340 - Copy








80340_04 80340_05

Some Good Old Fashion Advertising!

Sorry everyone! July has been a busy month for me and have been on vacation most of it. Anyways, as the title of this post clues you in, I thought I would like to advertise a site for you brides-to-be as I find it very helpful to plan a wedding or spark ideas for it. If you are not already a member of the site Pintrest, then I HIGHLY recommend you give it a shot as the wedding section has so many idea sparking pictures, and DIY links. See a dress you like on there? If you go to the original source of the post, you  most likely will be able to find the retailer that sells that dress. Stuck on some DIY projects you need to do that fits your wedding theme? Have no fear, Pintrest is here. It’s free ladies, and worth the few minutes it takes to look into it. Simply type in: I’ll have more for you all soon! Hang in there ladies ^_^ Ciao!

Bridal Blitz All Under $1,000

So this post is a little different than any I have done before because it’s sort of sharing my experience with you all, so please bear with me. I live in Portland, OR and recently, volunteered with a bridal sales event hosted by the organization Brides for a Cause-a local bridal store that partners with the charity foundation, Wish Upon a Wedding. Every so often they go around Oregon and host big bridal dress sales where all the profit will go to Wish Upon a Wedding-helping couples in need financially to have a wedding. Where do all these dresses come from? Brides who have already had their wedding donate their gently used dresses as well as stores that have overstock will donate their share. They also have accessories like veils, shoes, jewelry, small decorations, etc. for sale. It was a bride’s dream room as rows and rows of dresses were everywhere! And the best part about it? EVERY dress was less than $1,000….even the brand new ones. Dresses that were orginally $2,500 were now selling at $700. I kid you not. What’s the point of this post? The point: these bridal events really will help you save lots of money….and if you’re really picky about wearing a used dress, usually they will have brand new dresses to choose from as well. Now I know Brides for a Cause is only a local thing, but check them out anyways at . There are many other stores/organizations nationwide that do similar events as Bride for a Cause, so don’t shy away from them! Get your wallet ready because it’s very likely you’ll find your dress at one of these events if you’re a true penniless bride! Down below are a couple pictures of the racks of dresses for sale at the event I volunteered at!


photo (4)


photo (3)

Helpful Information #3

I’m back everyone! Anyways to throw a little variety into my posts I decided to do another helpful information post. Please leave me feedback if you would like to see a specific helpful information post or if you want to suggest a whole new idea to try. Please, I am open to your feedback! This post will be tips on saving money with wedding food! Still get great food….and save yourself the mula!

1. Now this idea is not for everyone, and I readily admit that, but for some, it’s your perfect solution. Try your wedding food as a potluck style, and have each of your guests bring a dish. Afraid there will be too many of the same type of food? On each guest’s invitation specifically put what they should bring ex. fruit salad. There are many flimsy downsides to this idea, but for a small more private affair, this might just work. Never know either, someone may even be able to make your cake for free….or for A LOT less than a bakery. If this idea works for your wedding then you’ve saved at least about $800 right there.

2. Usually venues that cater for you as well tend to have a little better of a deal than if you had to rent a separate caterer for a venue that doesn’t cater. Depending on the venue, you could be saving a couple hundred dollars or just a small fifty dollars, but every little bit of cash helps when planning a wedding.

3. Make sure the people you are inviting are people you are still very close to, and have talked to recently. Why invite a great-aunt you haven’t seen or spoken to in fifteen years? Just means you will be paying more to feed another person when you could be using that money for something else. Having trouble on deciding who’s a necessary to invite and who’s not? Sit down with a close family member like a parent or sibling and get their opinions on the people you have in mind to invite. This will help narrow down the list greatly, and will ease your mind on not inviting the guest as you have a second opinion to back you up.

4. As in all decision making with wedding planning….COMPARE, COMPARE, and COMPARE some more. I promise you if your dream caterer is out of your budget….there will be another caterer that you will absolutely love in your budget range. However, you must be open-minded to this and remember, the food of the wedding should have some quality in it, but it is not the focus of the celebration.

5. Coming off from my last tip, if catering is something you just have to have a big budget for then take this advice as I have seen/heard from some weddings that the food was not that good. Make sure if you’re paying for good, tasteful, quality food, that you are getting good, tasteful, quality food and not some half cooked fancy looking meat with bland taste. Don’t pay for the caterer unless you truly love it….because I assure you, if you’re not in love with the food….your guests won’t be either.


I hope this helped some of you….and I know…the last two tips were a little sketchy on money saving tips, but it’s late where I am…please give me a break. I promise to make up for it real soon! Thank you all who still follow my blog loyally….you all deserve a more prompt blogger! Remember to comment and ask any questions you have! Until next post!