Tips for the Guest

A lot of my posts focuses on the hosts of weddings, but what about the other side? Here are some great things to consider if you’re a guest to a wedding:

  1. If you haven’t had much contact with the bride or groom, take a moment to check in with them through a phone call or social media. Find recent events they’ve been apart of, new interests they’ve picked up, they’re favorite restaurant, etc. This helps you establish who your friend has become, and could make conversation with them a lot smoother on their wedding day…especially if they have tons of other guests to talk to as well. It also may benefit your conversations with other guests.
  2. Don’t feel bad if you can’t afford a lot on their gift registry. Maybe you know another guest going and you both can split the cost on something! Or take a look at the list and then go thrift shop hunting for similar styles/tastes. Be aware of what’s already been bought if you choose the latter option, or go with something that can be repeated like a set of plates! Or if you’re pretty crafty, go for the personalized gift route.
  3. Feel like you need to buy a whole new outfit: male or female? Consider going to a thrift store as well! I can guarantee you that there will be a complete outfit you’ll like for less than $15. Or if you only need a few accessories to accent clothing you already have, the possibilities are endless.
  4. Leave drama at home. Weddings are a day for celebration, and should focus on the bride and groom. Had a recent dispute with another guest attending? Is a family feud going on? Don’t like someone? Sometimes, we all just have to fake it till we make it in order to support loved ones. Don’t put a damper on the happy vibe.
  5. Be timely. That can range from RSVPing as soon as possible to booking travel accommodations to arriving at the wedding venue on time. Not only will it keep your stress to a minimum, but it helps the hosts plan their big day more efficiently. And since life does happen, if anything comes up, let your hosts know right away. Even if it is only precautionary.

Let me know what you think of these tips! Or if you have any other input. I love hearing back from you all.



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