The Choices we Face, The Decisions we Make

So if none of you could tell, I really enjoy planning events (weddings in particular). I’m fascinated in all the vendors one could choose from, overcoming challenges with others to fulfill their needs, shopping for decorative knick-knacks to create a part fit for royalty, and I am obsessed with Pinterest! Around sophomore year in high school, I was considering on becoming a professional event planner when I grew up. If anyone asked about my career plans then, that’s what I supplied as an answer. But, around senior year, I made the decision to pursue accounting (I found a love for financial accounting during a class). I also seem to lean towards practicality/reality with things, and I know I’ll have a stable decent paying job in the accounting world. I still am interested in event planning, but was mainly going to focus on my close friends’ weddings and such. Lately though, I don’t know what I want to do. I still enjoy accounting (well, financial accounting, not necessarily the other parts of accounting…so far) and am still going to pursue it as I already have a lot of credits built up towards that, but I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming an event planner again. I know a lot of event planners have various degrees that don’t necessarily tie into planning weddings and such so I’m not worried about that. Plus, having a degree in finance doesn’t hurt for planning events! I don’t know. I guess I’m hesitant because 1) I don’t have much experience planning weddings. Trust me, I create idea boards and do research on vendors on my own time for fun, but none of my friends or I have gotten married yet so all the planning has just been on paper. 2) I’ve always been curious on how one would even start such a business like event planning? I know you could always join a company that has to do with event planning, but going back to reason 1, I don’t have a lot of experience in that field on my resume. I know it’s do-able, I mean there’s plenty of event planners that were in my exact shoes now, but it still intimidates me. I guess only time will tell. Thank you all for the support through my blog (even with my untimely content). What do you all think about this? Have any advice? Let me know!


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