Maid of Honor

Choosing a maid of honor is as simple as 1..2..oh wait, it’s not. Sometimes, brides face the dilemma where she has multiple candidates that could be her MoH, and most of the them want that title as well. From your childhood best friend to your college roommate, it’s hard to please everyone, and sometimes, you can’t. Hopefully, these few tips can help narrow down the choice pool as well as save you from some nasty drama.

  1. Just because you call them or have called them “best friend” doesn’t mean they get priority. Life brings many changes, and sometimes that means you grow distant from this “best friend,” I mean you still talk every once in a while, but perhaps not enough to make them MoH compared to other people you currently have in your life. Of course, you have to consider your shared history with this individual, but remember: they don’t get automatic priority.
  2. Make sure your MoH knows you. I don’t mean your favorite color or when your birthday is. I mean, make sure she knows all of your past boyfriends and all your dirty secrets and she knows how to cheer you up on a bad day. (Doesn’t necessarily have be all those particular things, but you get the picture.) Your MoH is supposed to help you with your needs, and if she doesn’t even know what you need…well, you may need a new MoH.
  3. This tip doesn’t help everyone in their MoH dilemma, but it works for some. Have you narrowed your choice pool down to two girls? Why not have two MoH? I’ve seen this concept in multiple weddings, and it looked amazing! It saves you from making that final decision between the two and means extra help for you!
  4. Or don’t have a MoH at all! Instead of having one person dedicated to help out more than the others…make it a group effort with all your bridesmaids. There are many ways to get a task done, and in this day and age, start a new tradition! I understand this tip doesn’t help out everyone, but for some-it’s perfect!
  5. This last tip may help solve matters if there’s two friends that are fighting for that position of MoH…give the title to a family member instead. Family first, right? (Okay, that’s only applicable to some families, but if this tip works for you, then yay!) It’s a sensible decision that most can’t argue with (unless you gave the title to a distant relative who you haven’t spoken to in years…)

Anyways, I hope one of these tips could help if you are facing with this dilemma. Or comment below other advice/ways to go about the maid of honor! Have a great day!


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