Helpful Information #4

This installment will be about how you can save money/paying off all those wedding debts you may now be facing. I know some of these tips will be repetitive from what you have already heard, but I hope I can introduce to you at least one new idea you haven’t thought of! Please comment any tips of your own. Enjoy!

1. Open a second account, separate from your personal that you can put money in whenever able that is dedicated to your wedding. I have two accounts…(not for my wedding though, perhaps one day…) and I am able to use one while the other is off-limits. This helps me save money because once I put money into that certain account, I know I won’t be seeing it for a long time, and at least for me, I always forget how much is in there until I check, making me depend on the one allowed for use. This idea is helpful to couples who are just starting to plan, or couples who have to wait a while before their actual wedding day occurs. (Note: When I say separate accounts, I mean two different accounts from two different institutions…at least that’s what I have.)

2. Are you a couple who are already living together? Do you already have most of the typical “wedding gifts?” Why not ask for a monetary donation instead for a wedding gift? This money can go towards paying off your wedding or even towards your honeymoon! Or anything else you may need instead.

3. This tip is similar to #2, except on a smaller scale. At some weddings, I’ve seen two empty containers (one for the groom and one for the bride) by the cake labeled, “Who wears the cake?” Then, whoever has the most money in their container “wears” the cake. This money is usually used for the honeymoon (extra spending cash), but can go to anything really.This idea (and tip #2) work really well if you are having a big wedding!

4. Are you guys planning on moving in together after the wedding? Or moving to a new location? Or just need more room in your home? Hold a yard sale or sell some stuff online! This is a great way to get cash for your wedding while also clearing out old things you don’t need in your new chapter of life. Getting rid of two birds with one stone. (Poor birdies).

5. Have extra time on your hand? Pick up an extra work shift here and there or find an easy side-gig like dog walking until your wedding. You never know, you may find a new interest while at it.

6. Assess your expenses. See how much money you have left after all the bills and necessities are paid off. Do you and your significant other like to go out a lot? Try cutting that time in half! Don’t want to sacrifice your date time? Find free events in your local area or cheaper places to eat. Go on a picnic instead with food you already have in the fridge. Small changes like this can help prevent you from spending money excessively when it should be saved for your wedding.

7. Are you really bad at saving money? Ask a trusted family member or friend to hold you accountable. Or, if they’re REALLY trustworthy, ask them to hold on to your credit/debit card for days when you don’t need it. Set up a schedule so when you can spend it’s either on necessities or wedding shenanigans. It’s okay to reward yourself every once in a while, but you may need to hold off on BIG rewards until after your wedding.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!


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