Dress Suggestion #14

I hope to start only advertising dresses from “reputable” establishments/websites (more reputable than some of my other suggestions). However, don’t hate me if a few slip through that don’t meet this requirement. Anyway, I found this gem from BHLDN for any bride looking for a more simplistic, yet chic look. This dress is great for any outdoor event! Still feel like it’s a bit plain? Switch out the sash with a more intricate and glitzy design, add a long veil, and complimenting kicks! Wah-lah…what a stunner! I also feel like this dress would look stunning with a floral headpiece if that’s more what you were thinking!

Dress: Fleur Dress

Designer/Brand: Hitherto

Where: BHLDN (Anthropologie)

Price: $250.00

Link: http://www.bhldn.com/shop-the-bride-wedding-dresses/fleur-dress-ivory/productoptionids/fbcaeb8b-b90b-4e9a-9313-32da085940dd



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