Wedding Talk #7

I decided to make a post about peacock themed weddings because for a time being, I noticed they were really popular. Plus, peacocks are majestic creatures! Again, although these are ideas for this particular theme, I always try and tie it back to money saving tips for us, the broke bride!

One thing for sure with a peacock themed wedding is the basic color scheme: blue, purple, and green. These colors not only compliment each other, but they remind your guests of peacocks! This could seriously save you some $$ on decorations because it means you only have to rent/buy color cloths and/or dining ware for your majestic celebration, keeping any more extravagant decoration to a minimum. Also, as I was looking through photos of this color scheme, I think it’s a great idea to have different shades of the same color within your layout. It gives you a chance to make different things/rooms look unique. Especially if you decide to go with this idea, and all the cloths/dining ware are your main decorations. (It could also help you make certain areas “pop” among everything else: i.e. your cake stand/table.)


Another tip I have is going to save you money with your florist. If your wedding is peacock themed…you know you have to have some actual peacock feathers! (Fake ones, of course.) So why not in your bouquet or any other floral arrangement you need for your special day? Not only does it scream  your theme, it gives less room within your bouquet for actual flowers, but still looks elegant. Heck, I’ve even seen some bouquets where it’s completely peacock feathers. Or your groom and his groomsmen could have feather boutonnieres! Both options completely/nearly eliminate your floral budget which you could put towards something else.

So this next idea is more for crafty brides, but one of them is so easy in my opinion, anyone can do it! 1. Order a pair of simple shoes (preferably blue/green/purple), but simple white shoes could work too if pulled off right! There are plenty of sites or stores where you can get cheap/shoes on sale for your day. Get some small peacock feathers and clear glue, and have at it! Glue the feathers to your shoes anyway you see fit, possibly making your shoes the life of the party! (Remember to place your feathers where your foot will not interfere with their location, or even your dress. And place your glue in smart spots where your guests won’t see it.)  2. This idea is for more artistic brides (or brides who know people who are artistic…wink wink). Buy a pair of plain, one color heels and puff paint or fabric paint…(something like that) and design your own peacock feather on it! Of course, make sure it’s completely dry before trying them on, and as long as you don’t get them wet..wah lah! Perfect wedding shoes for a peacock theme! Both ideas hopefully will save you a few dollars compared to pricey shoes with peacock designs you may not even like.

Now we come to centerpieces which means one thing: endless possibilities, and a lot of them can save you…can you guess? MONEY! However, you will need to put in some effort for the ones I will be talking about, but they’re all simple projects (more like put stuff together)! Instead of going for fancy floral arrangements, you can of course…use feathers! And the arrangements can be all feathers. Some ideas I saw were tall (or short depending on how big your feathers are) clear vases filled with those cheap translucent stones and then stuffing four-five feathers in them. The best part about this is everything except the feathers could be found at a dollar store and the feathers can be bought in bulk. Once they’re all put together, your guests will never know the difference. Want to class it up more? Add a reflective surface to place your vase on or scatter tealights around the vase! I’ve also seen feather boas that have been cut into smaller pieces and fake flowers added the base of the vase. (It rhymes!) Or if you’re more into a traditional centerpiece with flowers, it’s really easy to use more feathers than flowers (like the bouquet), but still looking absolutely stunning! Also, if it’s a smaller vase, even less flowers, guiding your money elsewhere.

For Brides to Be: A birdcage veil is the way to go with headpieces, and if you’re a bride okay with color: a blue/purple sash to compliment your dress. For this theme, I would stay away from lace…but that’s only my opinion. Kudos to you if you can pull lace off with this theme. I know I couldn’t! Also don’t be afraid to test out blue/purple/green eye shadow designs…doesn’t have to be the main color, but perhaps a highlight? If that makes sense…

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you would like  me to do a certain theme for your wedding or just for kicks! I love hearing back from you all. Or comment some peacock ideas of your own! Ta-ta for now.





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