Tips for the Guest

A lot of my posts focuses on the hosts of weddings, but what about the other side? Here are some great things to consider if you’re a guest to a wedding:

  1. If you haven’t had much contact with the bride or groom, take a moment to check in with them through a phone call or social media. Find recent events they’ve been apart of, new interests they’ve picked up, they’re favorite restaurant, etc. This helps you establish who your friend has become, and could make conversation with them a lot smoother on their wedding day…especially if they have tons of other guests to talk to as well. It also may benefit your conversations with other guests.
  2. Don’t feel bad if you can’t afford a lot on their gift registry. Maybe you know another guest going and you both can split the cost on something! Or take a look at the list and then go thrift shop hunting for similar styles/tastes. Be aware of what’s already been bought if you choose the latter option, or go with something that can be repeated like a set of plates! Or if you’re pretty crafty, go for the personalized gift route.
  3. Feel like you need to buy a whole new outfit: male or female? Consider going to a thrift store as well! I can guarantee you that there will be a complete outfit you’ll like for less than $15. Or if you only need a few accessories to accent clothing you already have, the possibilities are endless.
  4. Leave drama at home. Weddings are a day for celebration, and should focus on the bride and groom. Had a recent dispute with another guest attending? Is a family feud going on? Don’t like someone? Sometimes, we all just have to fake it till we make it in order to support loved ones. Don’t put a damper on the happy vibe.
  5. Be timely. That can range from RSVPing as soon as possible to booking travel accommodations to arriving at the wedding venue on time. Not only will it keep your stress to a minimum, but it helps the hosts plan their big day more efficiently. And since life does happen, if anything comes up, let your hosts know right away. Even if it is only precautionary.

Let me know what you think of these tips! Or if you have any other input. I love hearing back from you all.



The Choices we Face, The Decisions we Make

So if none of you could tell, I really enjoy planning events (weddings in particular). I’m fascinated in all the vendors one could choose from, overcoming challenges with others to fulfill their needs, shopping for decorative knick-knacks to create a part fit for royalty, and I am obsessed with Pinterest! Around sophomore year in high school, I was considering on becoming a professional event planner when I grew up. If anyone asked about my career plans then, that’s what I supplied as an answer. But, around senior year, I made the decision to pursue accounting (I found a love for financial accounting during a class). I also seem to lean towards practicality/reality with things, and I know I’ll have a stable decent paying job in the accounting world. I still am interested in event planning, but was mainly going to focus on my close friends’ weddings and such. Lately though, I don’t know what I want to do. I still enjoy accounting (well, financial accounting, not necessarily the other parts of accounting…so far) and am still going to pursue it as I already have a lot of credits built up towards that, but I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming an event planner again. I know a lot of event planners have various degrees that don’t necessarily tie into planning weddings and such so I’m not worried about that. Plus, having a degree in finance doesn’t hurt for planning events! I don’t know. I guess I’m hesitant because 1) I don’t have much experience planning weddings. Trust me, I create idea boards and do research on vendors on my own time for fun, but none of my friends or I have gotten married yet so all the planning has just been on paper. 2) I’ve always been curious on how one would even start such a business like event planning? I know you could always join a company that has to do with event planning, but going back to reason 1, I don’t have a lot of experience in that field on my resume. I know it’s do-able, I mean there’s plenty of event planners that were in my exact shoes now, but it still intimidates me. I guess only time will tell. Thank you all for the support through my blog (even with my untimely content). What do you all think about this? Have any advice? Let me know!

Maid of Honor

Choosing a maid of honor is as simple as 1..2..oh wait, it’s not. Sometimes, brides face the dilemma where she has multiple candidates that could be her MoH, and most of the them want that title as well. From your childhood best friend to your college roommate, it’s hard to please everyone, and sometimes, you can’t. Hopefully, these few tips can help narrow down the choice pool as well as save you from some nasty drama.

  1. Just because you call them or have called them “best friend” doesn’t mean they get priority. Life brings many changes, and sometimes that means you grow distant from this “best friend,” I mean you still talk every once in a while, but perhaps not enough to make them MoH compared to other people you currently have in your life. Of course, you have to consider your shared history with this individual, but remember: they don’t get automatic priority.
  2. Make sure your MoH knows you. I don’t mean your favorite color or when your birthday is. I mean, make sure she knows all of your past boyfriends and all your dirty secrets and she knows how to cheer you up on a bad day. (Doesn’t necessarily have be all those particular things, but you get the picture.) Your MoH is supposed to help you with your needs, and if she doesn’t even know what you need…well, you may need a new MoH.
  3. This tip doesn’t help everyone in their MoH dilemma, but it works for some. Have you narrowed your choice pool down to two girls? Why not have two MoH? I’ve seen this concept in multiple weddings, and it looked amazing! It saves you from making that final decision between the two and means extra help for you!
  4. Or don’t have a MoH at all! Instead of having one person dedicated to help out more than the others…make it a group effort with all your bridesmaids. There are many ways to get a task done, and in this day and age, start a new tradition! I understand this tip doesn’t help out everyone, but for some-it’s perfect!
  5. This last tip may help solve matters if there’s two friends that are fighting for that position of MoH…give the title to a family member instead. Family first, right? (Okay, that’s only applicable to some families, but if this tip works for you, then yay!) It’s a sensible decision that most can’t argue with (unless you gave the title to a distant relative who you haven’t spoken to in years…)

Anyways, I hope one of these tips could help if you are facing with this dilemma. Or comment below other advice/ways to go about the maid of honor! Have a great day!

Helpful Information #4

This installment will be about how you can save money/paying off all those wedding debts you may now be facing. I know some of these tips will be repetitive from what you have already heard, but I hope I can introduce to you at least one new idea you haven’t thought of! Please comment any tips of your own. Enjoy!

1. Open a second account, separate from your personal that you can put money in whenever able that is dedicated to your wedding. I have two accounts…(not for my wedding though, perhaps one day…) and I am able to use one while the other is off-limits. This helps me save money because once I put money into that certain account, I know I won’t be seeing it for a long time, and at least for me, I always forget how much is in there until I check, making me depend on the one allowed for use. This idea is helpful to couples who are just starting to plan, or couples who have to wait a while before their actual wedding day occurs. (Note: When I say separate accounts, I mean two different accounts from two different institutions…at least that’s what I have.)

2. Are you a couple who are already living together? Do you already have most of the typical “wedding gifts?” Why not ask for a monetary donation instead for a wedding gift? This money can go towards paying off your wedding or even towards your honeymoon! Or anything else you may need instead.

3. This tip is similar to #2, except on a smaller scale. At some weddings, I’ve seen two empty containers (one for the groom and one for the bride) by the cake labeled, “Who wears the cake?” Then, whoever has the most money in their container “wears” the cake. This money is usually used for the honeymoon (extra spending cash), but can go to anything really.This idea (and tip #2) work really well if you are having a big wedding!

4. Are you guys planning on moving in together after the wedding? Or moving to a new location? Or just need more room in your home? Hold a yard sale or sell some stuff online! This is a great way to get cash for your wedding while also clearing out old things you don’t need in your new chapter of life. Getting rid of two birds with one stone. (Poor birdies).

5. Have extra time on your hand? Pick up an extra work shift here and there or find an easy side-gig like dog walking until your wedding. You never know, you may find a new interest while at it.

6. Assess your expenses. See how much money you have left after all the bills and necessities are paid off. Do you and your significant other like to go out a lot? Try cutting that time in half! Don’t want to sacrifice your date time? Find free events in your local area or cheaper places to eat. Go on a picnic instead with food you already have in the fridge. Small changes like this can help prevent you from spending money excessively when it should be saved for your wedding.

7. Are you really bad at saving money? Ask a trusted family member or friend to hold you accountable. Or, if they’re REALLY trustworthy, ask them to hold on to your credit/debit card for days when you don’t need it. Set up a schedule so when you can spend it’s either on necessities or wedding shenanigans. It’s okay to reward yourself every once in a while, but you may need to hold off on BIG rewards until after your wedding.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!

Dress Suggestion #14

I hope to start only advertising dresses from “reputable” establishments/websites (more reputable than some of my other suggestions). However, don’t hate me if a few slip through that don’t meet this requirement. Anyway, I found this gem from BHLDN for any bride looking for a more simplistic, yet chic look. This dress is great for any outdoor event! Still feel like it’s a bit plain? Switch out the sash with a more intricate and glitzy design, add a long veil, and complimenting kicks! Wah-lah…what a stunner! I also feel like this dress would look stunning with a floral headpiece if that’s more what you were thinking!

Dress: Fleur Dress

Designer/Brand: Hitherto

Where: BHLDN (Anthropologie)

Price: $250.00



Wedding Talk #7

I decided to make a post about peacock themed weddings because for a time being, I noticed they were really popular. Plus, peacocks are majestic creatures! Again, although these are ideas for this particular theme, I always try and tie it back to money saving tips for us, the broke bride!

One thing for sure with a peacock themed wedding is the basic color scheme: blue, purple, and green. These colors not only compliment each other, but they remind your guests of peacocks! This could seriously save you some $$ on decorations because it means you only have to rent/buy color cloths and/or dining ware for your majestic celebration, keeping any more extravagant decoration to a minimum. Also, as I was looking through photos of this color scheme, I think it’s a great idea to have different shades of the same color within your layout. It gives you a chance to make different things/rooms look unique. Especially if you decide to go with this idea, and all the cloths/dining ware are your main decorations. (It could also help you make certain areas “pop” among everything else: i.e. your cake stand/table.)


Another tip I have is going to save you money with your florist. If your wedding is peacock themed…you know you have to have some actual peacock feathers! (Fake ones, of course.) So why not in your bouquet or any other floral arrangement you need for your special day? Not only does it scream  your theme, it gives less room within your bouquet for actual flowers, but still looks elegant. Heck, I’ve even seen some bouquets where it’s completely peacock feathers. Or your groom and his groomsmen could have feather boutonnieres! Both options completely/nearly eliminate your floral budget which you could put towards something else.

So this next idea is more for crafty brides, but one of them is so easy in my opinion, anyone can do it! 1. Order a pair of simple shoes (preferably blue/green/purple), but simple white shoes could work too if pulled off right! There are plenty of sites or stores where you can get cheap/shoes on sale for your day. Get some small peacock feathers and clear glue, and have at it! Glue the feathers to your shoes anyway you see fit, possibly making your shoes the life of the party! (Remember to place your feathers where your foot will not interfere with their location, or even your dress. And place your glue in smart spots where your guests won’t see it.)  2. This idea is for more artistic brides (or brides who know people who are artistic…wink wink). Buy a pair of plain, one color heels and puff paint or fabric paint…(something like that) and design your own peacock feather on it! Of course, make sure it’s completely dry before trying them on, and as long as you don’t get them wet..wah lah! Perfect wedding shoes for a peacock theme! Both ideas hopefully will save you a few dollars compared to pricey shoes with peacock designs you may not even like.

Now we come to centerpieces which means one thing: endless possibilities, and a lot of them can save you…can you guess? MONEY! However, you will need to put in some effort for the ones I will be talking about, but they’re all simple projects (more like put stuff together)! Instead of going for fancy floral arrangements, you can of course…use feathers! And the arrangements can be all feathers. Some ideas I saw were tall (or short depending on how big your feathers are) clear vases filled with those cheap translucent stones and then stuffing four-five feathers in them. The best part about this is everything except the feathers could be found at a dollar store and the feathers can be bought in bulk. Once they’re all put together, your guests will never know the difference. Want to class it up more? Add a reflective surface to place your vase on or scatter tealights around the vase! I’ve also seen feather boas that have been cut into smaller pieces and fake flowers added the base of the vase. (It rhymes!) Or if you’re more into a traditional centerpiece with flowers, it’s really easy to use more feathers than flowers (like the bouquet), but still looking absolutely stunning! Also, if it’s a smaller vase, even less flowers, guiding your money elsewhere.

For Brides to Be: A birdcage veil is the way to go with headpieces, and if you’re a bride okay with color: a blue/purple sash to compliment your dress. For this theme, I would stay away from lace…but that’s only my opinion. Kudos to you if you can pull lace off with this theme. I know I couldn’t! Also don’t be afraid to test out blue/purple/green eye shadow designs…doesn’t have to be the main color, but perhaps a highlight? If that makes sense…

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you would like  me to do a certain theme for your wedding or just for kicks! I love hearing back from you all. Or comment some peacock ideas of your own! Ta-ta for now.





Hey everyone…missed me? I know I’ve been gone for a long time, but I was reading through past posts and realized: I should have never stopped blogging. I love fantasizing about weddings, and planning out the details to make them happen. Every girl’s dream come true, right? Plus, to me: 41 followers on this blog is a decent number to remind me, there are people who actually like my ideas/tidbits. Thank you all for the support. It means the world to me. Anyways, on to the updates:

  1. I am definitely going to be posting again real soon. (Hopefully get on a schedule…)
  2. I think I’m going to re-vamp this site…it’s been a long time since I started this blog and with me coming back, why not let the blog get a makeover?
  3. Along with this makeover, some of my usual posts may look/be written differently (more with layout than content).
  4. Please, comment ideas or segments or wedding talks or anything you would like to see on this site! I really am so happy when I see feedback on here. Or just comment a “Hello!” Anything really!

I hope you all continue to support me in this blog because stay tuned…this journey isn’t over yet! Thank You 🙂